Official Count: 9,268 of 10,000 Headshots!

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Howdy!  If you've made it this far, you're probably curious as to what this whole thing is about!  Here are the answers you've been craving!

How much is a session?

An individual session is $190 for 30 minutes, and group discounted rates are available.  Your entire session is included as a digital download, and you get to select up to three images for professional retouching.

What is 10,000 Headshots?

10,000 Headshots is the brainchild of award winning Utah-based wedding photographer Pepper Nix.  The goal is simple: to photograph and professionally retouch 10,000 headshots of 10,000 people.  Who qualifies to be a part of the project?  Any member of the human race who is 18 or older.


What number are you currently at?

The number count is at the top of the screen and it changes every week!

What if I want to use my headshot on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, my business website, my business card, or my Facebook profile shot?

Once you have paid for your session, you get to use your images however you would like!

How do I buy my high resolution headshot?

It's easy!  All of your headshots are included in with your session fee, and you can download them from the personal link we sent you.  If you have lost your personal gallery link, please let me know and I can help you with it!


This sounds amazing!  How do I get involved?

If you have a group of 20 or more, I will come directly to you!  Just send an email to and let me know that you are interested!  [Please put in the email subject "Group headshots!" or something] 

If you are an individual or smaller group, schedule a time in the upcoming two weeks at my South Jordan home!  How, you ask?  Just email me HERE!

I would LOVE to be a part of this!  But I live out of state...  :(

No worries!  If you have a company or group of 100 people or more, I will come to you!  Seriously, email me, and let's see if we can figure it out!  If you are an individual in another city who would like to be a part of the project, I appreciate the interest, but right now I am only talking with groups of 100 or more.  So, if it's just you, find another 99 people at a company or a school or a church, and I'll come on down!

Who can be involved in the Project?

Anyone who has a pulse!  I get a lot of requests for children, and I'm happy to photograph children as well!


What is the purpose of 10,000 Headshots?  I mean, what's the point?

Excellent question!  I've got several answers to this one, take whichever one you love best:

1 - To have fun!  Every personal project a photographer does, I believe, should come from a place of love.  For example, I would never want to photograph 10,000 spiders, because instead of having fun I would be running away screaming all the time.  Or clowns, for the same reasons.  But 10,000 people?  I LOVE people!!!  And so taking portraits of 10,000 people sounds like fun to me.  Other people would rather catch fish, or write poetry under aspen trees, or take a pole dancing class, and that's cool.  For me, this sounds immensely fun!

2 - To practice and perfect my skills.  I am a wedding photographer.  That means that about 90% of everything I do for work revolves around that trade.  Headshots themselves are not part of a typical wedding shoot.  However, The Headshot is the most fundamental and basic image a photographer who shoots people can take.  And it's not easy!  You've only got 2 minutes to somehow build a rapport with a complete stranger, get them to trust you enough to be real with you, and nail that expression.  In addition, you have to make sure that the pose, the lighting, and the background are all flattering to their body type and facial structure, and coloring.  Believe me, there are SO many ways to do this wrong!  [I'm pretty sure I've done a lot of things wrong so far.]

3 - To break even [to not lose money].  I started this project with $2500, and so far I've been fortunate to have enough people participate that the 10,000 Headshots account is still in the black, even after all of the equipment purchases as well as the enormous bills from my retoucher for the thousands of faces she has perfected for me!

4 - To make the internet look a little less ugly.

5 - To give myself a creative outlet to experiment and screw up without fear. 

6 - To expand my social network beyond who I already know.

7 - To dream the impossible dream.

8 - I can keep listing funny and serious reasons for this crazy project, but it all comes down to me finding pleasure in this, finding beauty in every single person I shoot, and it making my heart sing.


Who is behind 10,000 Headshots?

I am!  I am Pepper Nix, I'm a wedding photographer, I'm based in Utah, and I like warm hugs!  And behind me are my gifted retouchers.  They brighten eyes, whiten teeth, and remove that pimple from the left side of your nose.  We do not use photoshop to give anyone a bigger smile or lose weight or grow more hair or give a nose job - I consider it my job as the photographer to photograph my subjects in the way that is the most pleasing for the body type, facial structure, and coloring of each person.

How'd this crazy idea come to fruition?

Well, that is a long and very boring story.  But, I do have some people I would like to thank! 

1 - Dave J - for taking some truly spectacular horrible selfies

2 - My mom - for pointing out that if Dave really wasn't as ugly looking as his pictures showed, that he really did take some spectacularly bad selfies, and since I was a photographer, couldn't I possibly help him with that?

3 - Facebook - for helping me to realize at the same instant, just how many amazing people I love who are misrepresented on social media by terrible cell phone selfies

4 - Julie Hill - for being the first one to let me take photos of her and our friends at her home when I got up the courage to talk about this weird thing I was thinking about doing where I would take a bunch of headshots

5 - Nick Gilson of Pictureline - for suggesting upon hearing my idea [and my worry that I'd finish too quickly] that I up from number from 1000 up to 10,000 headshots.  And then for racing me across Pictureline to see who could purchase the URL faster.  [I won.]

6 - Scott Jarvie - for showing me that if you have an idea, no matter how weird or crazy, and you approach that idea with unconditional love and with unbridled passion, that you just might help that weird and crazy idea find a spectacular home.  Thank you Scott!!

7 - Josh B - for talking about my project to every single person he came across, and generating more interest in it than I ever could alone.  Thank you for your support!

8 - Peter Hurley - for being an inspirational mentor and basically helping me to feel not crazy, confirming that YES there is a better way to create Headshots, that it does involve connecting with the people your shooting, and for hitting home that all of the weird things I say to people to get them to smile isn't merely stuff I pull out of my ass, but is an important part of the process.  Oh, and a million other things, like thank you for all of your educational videos, books, tips, seminars, and inventions.  You rock!

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