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Professional Business Headshots for South Jordan, UT

It’s important to project your best self when you’re in the world of business, and one of the best ways to do this is with a good headshot. If you’re in the South Jordan area you can participate in 10,000 Headshots’ goal to provide professional business photos to thousands of individuals across Utah and beyond. We want to help you portray a business-like image to prospective employers, whether it’s on a networking website or business card. It’s a great opportunity to get quality business photography taken without breaking the bank, and in turn, it helps our photographer build a first-rate portfolio.

Business Headshot Photography Services

Our experienced professional, Pepper Nix, is an accomplished wedding photographer who enjoys meeting people and shooting their business photography, among other pictures. You’re welcome to have up to three outfit changes during the photoshoot and have your choice of a black, white or gray background. Groups of 900 people or less in South Jordan, UT, receive discounted rates for their business headshot photography, so companies can have their entire team represented. After each shoot, our dedicated editors will retouch a few photos from the batch taken during the session then all the images are yours to use however you’d like.

Professional business headshots make a big difference when someone is skimming through profiles on social networking sites, whereas other users may be using selfies or subpar pictures. Make an impression with a well-lit, properly angled and retouched business photograph that allows your unique characteristics to shine through.

Contact Us for Business Photography

Pepper Nix is ready to take your business photography for the 10,000 Headshots project, which is growing larger each and every day. South Jordan, UT, business professionals can count on our expertise to make individual headshots and group photoshoots look amazing and stand heads above the rest of the competition. Business headshot photography is an important step for anyone who is serious about presenting themselves the right way to employers and potential customers alike. Call or text us today at 801-661-1106 to schedule an appointment.

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