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Beautiful Professional Headshots

Your face is your logo. You want your image to stand out and convey the right message. Trusting your headshot to a professional photographer is the best way to achieve this. Having a professional picture on your profiles like LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook is the perfect way to present yourself. 10,000 Headshots in Salt Lake is dedicated to delivering beautiful images of professionals across the Wasatch Front.

Your company’s website is the face of your business. You want it to stand out above your competitors, no matter what service or product you provide. With 10,000 Headshots you have a team of Salt Lake photographers dedicated to making you and your employees look good. Whether you are looking for corporate or executive headshots, we are your solution.

Having your company photographed by the same professional photographer provides a consistent and cohesive look to your business. No matter what their position in the company is, having your employees shown as a unified front strengthens your brand and presents an executive feel. Gone are the days of corporate photography where people are photographed in awkward poses or personal pictures are used. If you want a casual feel, we can deliver this too. Your company’s website should never include cell phone selfies or photographs on family trips.

10,000 Headshots takes a thoughtful approach to this project. Our founder, Pepper Nix, is an award-winning, Utah based photographer who has taken on the mission to elevate corporate photography. She believes that when you look good, you feel good. Pepper has built a photography team who strive to deliver on that same idea. With that best-foot-forward feeling, a person can tackle anything that comes their way.

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10,000 Headshots wants to elevate your look. Whether it’s individual headshots, or for an entire company, contact us.

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