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Professional Headshots for Lehi, UT

Are you looking to advance in your career, but lack the professional headshots to get you where you want to go? Turn to Pepper Nix, Utah-based and award-winning photographer, to capture your stunning headshot for your professional use. Whether you’re working hard in the modeling, acting or business field, you can rely on Pepper and her team to take a professional and unique headshot. After spending years capturing stunning wedding moments, Pepper and her team are using the expertise provide hard working professionals with polished headshots.

Why 10,000 headshots? Simple—we want to provide 10,000 professionals with headshots that they’d be proud to hand out. This may seem like an overly-ambitious goal, but we’re more than up to the task. Our team already has completed over 5,000 corporate headshots and counting.

Group & Individual Rates

We base our prices on the size of the group. Larger groups will get discounts and an individual session costs $125 for half an hour. Because your whole session is included as a digital download, you can choose up to three images to be professional retouched. All of your headshots are included in your session fee. Afterwards you’ll be emailed a personal link, giving you the option to choose whichever headshot you prefer.

Our team will be more than happy to come to a group with 20 or more. And if you have a smaller group, you’re welcome to get your professional modeling headshots at Pepper Nix’s South Jordan home. Her professional studio, set up right in her home, allows you to have a variety of options for your professional headshots.

Call 10,000 Headshots Today

If you want to look at our work, feel free to browse our gallery of the stunning and professional business headshots we’ve taken so far. Isn’t time you add a professional and polished headshot to your resume? Call us today.

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