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Headshots for Actresses & Actors in Salt Lake City, UT

Whether you are just starting your career or you have been in the acting industry for a while, your face is your logo. Having professional headshots as an actress and actor here in Salt Lake is vital to your success. Handing your headshot over at a job, although part of the process, can be embarrassing if they are photographed poorly. Guarantee you show them your best side with professional headshot photographs taken by 10,000 Headshots.

It may seem like professionally taken headshots is an unwarranted expense when you are trying to get work. However, taking care and going further than others can set you apart from the rest. A professional photographer can make sure you look like you. That does sound odd, however, with photo editing software and apps, images can be altered. That desire to over “touch-up” a photograph isn’t a quality that 10,000 Headshots possesses. Each of our photographers has tenure in this industry, so they know how not only to take a beautiful picture, but they can leave it alone too, ensuring you look like the best version of yourself. When your headshot looks the best, you can walk into any audition with confidence and determination to land that job!

Professional Photography

Having your headshot photographed by a professional is the best way to present yourself. Our team of expert photographers knows how to ensure you look your best, preserving those key features that set you apart from any competitor. Our mission is simple; elevate headshot photography with a professional touch. Eliminate this desire to take a selfie and doctor it or have friends photograph you. We have a dedicated team of professional photographers in Salt Lake City, UT whose expertise is photographing people. They help you put your best foot forward and stand out in a crowd.

To schedule an appointment for the Salt Lake area, please contact us at You can also text or call 801-661-1106 to reach 10,000 Headshots.

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