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Senior Graduation and Yearbook Pictures

Every senior who is graduating wants their final picture in the yearbook to be good. At 10,000 Headshots, we make it convenient to get a set of high-quality senior photos that you’ll be happy to display alongside your peers. When graduation comes up, it’s a smart idea to get senior graduation photos to have memories of this stage in life before beginning a new one. Our professional photographer will make high school graduation a great moment to remember with senior photos that you’ll want to share and cherish with friends and family. Schedule a time with us for senior yearbook and graduation photography in Midvale, UT, today.

Why Get Quality Senior Photos?

Maybe you don’t think about it now, but years down the road you’ll be thankful you had a professional photographer handle your senior pictures. Quality photos preserve memories and bring them back to life. The yearbook is your last chance to look your best, so make this last hurrah a memorable one. Senior photos taken by a professional photographer are an excellent way to remember your friends and the sports or clubs you participated in during your high school years. When people are going through the pages of the yearbook and signing their farewells, you want to feel great about the picture that everyone will see on display. Our senior picture photographers in Midvale help bring out your best features because we understand flattering angles, good lighting, and we use advanced camera equipment. You can rely on us to do our magic and provide you with the best-looking senior photos.

What’s in a Senior Photo Session?

10,000 Headshots makes it a simple, convenient, and fun time for seniors who are graduating. We understand that you want a great photo of yourself in the yearbook. Something that you can look back on years down the road and smile at. During our senior photo sessions, you’ll be able to have an outfit change and select the background you want to be photographed in. If your school has specific guidelines for yearbook photos, we will adhere to them as well. We often suggest wearing darker colors that stand out from the background color and won’t detract from the subject themselves. Our senior photo sessions include a 30-minute photo shoot per person and include three retouched images of your choosing. All photos will be provided to you in a digital format, which means you can post them and share them as you wish.

Professional Senior Picture Photographers

In this day and age, anyone can simply pull out their phone and capture a photo. While phone cameras are really good and can capture amazing shots, there’s more to it than pointing and shooting. A professional photographer understands the complexities involved in capturing the moment. For senior pictures, you might want to skip the phone shots and leave it to a pro. Afterall, these are going to be photos you look back on. 10,000 Headshots has you covered with our quality photography sessions for senior graduation pictures in Midvale, UT. Students work hard to get through school and make it to graduation, and a fun photo shoot helps to mark the occasion with their big achievement. Our photo sessions are simple and affordable while still giving you fantastic, high-end photos. Not only do we use the best cameras and lighting, but we are also experienced with the professional editing software, so your favorite photos have a great, polished appearance.

Book a Photo Shoot to Commemorate Senior Year

The photographer at 10,000 Headshots is Pepper Nix, an award-winning professional photographer who has been awarded Utah’s Best of State several times for her quality work. If you’re searching for someone to take senior graduation pictures, she’s the one to do the session. Her experience in photography makes her a top choice because she’ll help you commemorate this special moment for you.

We focus on providing our clients with beautiful senior photos that they can look back on and reminisce about their high school years. Contact us now at 801-661-1106 to schedule a photo session in Midvale, UT.

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